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Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute
Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute



Fostering Continuing Podiatry Education

February 2026 
50th Anniversary Conference in Vail, CO!

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The Highland's Foot & Ankle Institute hosts one of the most engaging, interactive podiatric conferences in the country

Expand your knowledge, earn CME credits while you enjoy lectures, faculty panels discussing cases and pathologies, faculty debates regarding the dogmatic topics of Podiatry.

2024's Conference  Faculty Included:

Ester Barnes

Kevin Blue

Brian Burgess

Scott Carrington

EJ Chestnutis

Cade Christensen

Brian Derner

Rich Derner

John Evans

Ross Girvan

Dave Hahn

Jess Herzog

Matt Hinderland

Kris Hoffman

Kristine Hoffman

Keith Jacobsen

Dustin Kruse

John Levin

Jake Mcleod

Lauren Molchan

Kenny Morgan

Keith Naftulin

Scott Naftulin

Alan Ng

Matt Paden

Ronnie Pollard

Nilin Rao

Brett Sachs

Jacob Schubreth

Paul Stone

Olivia Stransky

Adam Toren

Karolina Varnay

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute

The Highlands Foot and Ankle Institute was created for the purpose of fostering continuing education through a multi-media and multi-disciplinary approach to advance the training of podiatric surgeons while maintaining focus on quality and safe patient care.

Located in Denver, Colorado, the Highlands Foot and Ankle Institute was founded in 2005 in coordination with the Highland’s Presbyterian St. Lukes Podiatric Residency Program.

The Highlands Foot and Ankle Institute

Denver, Colorado

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