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Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute

Highlands Fundraising Opportunities

We are grateful to our contributors that include:

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Sponsors

Sponsor fees to medical residents from fellow medical doctors for seminars also generates funds.

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Donations

General donations for the various projects from private foundations and medical colleagues supporting the Institute’s work and furthering the research has been part of the fund raising.

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Volunteers

Volunteer seminar presenters helped establish the Institute and their continued support for the work has been invaluable.

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Vendors

Medical vendor booths provide informational literature regarding equipment. This has provided additional revenue.

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Grants

Grants from foundations interested in supporting educational activities related to the advancement of medical education and development of reference materials.

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Seminars

Our attendees at scientific meetings as well as equipment suppliers who display and demonstrate the newest technology in equipment and techniques.

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Digital Resources

Online resources and virtual learning platforms.

Highlands Foot & Ankle Institute Income

Seminars fees and sponsor fees from hospitals and medical research have been a part of the generated income. Seminar fees from participants are a small part of the revenue generated.

It is the intention of the Highlands Foot and Ankle Institute to limit its fundraising activities to the state of Colorado for the near future.  Expanding to other venues/ national and international locations will be explored in the future.  It is also the expectation of the Institute that it will always limit its fundraising activities to its own account. At this time the Institute does not expect to hire another organization to raise funds for it.

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